eTUG Tracking AGE

Electric Aircraft Tug (eTUG) Tracking of Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE)

When we learned that technicians must manually track the thousands of aviation ground equipment assets assigned to them, we jumped into action to design a solution. The Air Force is already electrifying some of the aviation assets, including the tugs that pull aircraft around the airfield. Electric vehicles are dynamic by nature and provide a platform for a multitude of payloads...including a sensing suite that enables automated asset tracking on flight lines. eTUG Tracking AGE blends the power of an electric aircraft tug with artificially intelligent sensing components to not only save time, but the ability to confidently track aviation ground equipment.

Hybrid Air Vehicle


Hybrid Airships for Contested Logistics

We designed HACL with theater-level logistics in mind. When transporting millions of tons of materiel into a contested environment, every second of time and every drop of liquid fuel is precious. Hybrid airships will serve as strategic assets, freeing up traditional aircraft to perform tactical missions. We’re proud to design projects that will accelerate the development of concepts of employment for these multi-mission capable platforms for defense related applications.


Electric Tactical Humanitarian Operations Recovery

eTHOR combines the dynamic versatility of autonomous and electric vehicles with 5G gateway capabilities to create a mobile battlefield communications platform that serves as a command and control enabler and as exportable electricity to satisfy battlefield energy needs.


Balance of Systems Edge Compute

We designed BoSEC knowing that unmanned counter-intrusion capabilities will transform the battlefield and play a key role in the Pacific. The systems at the center of this project use artificially intelligent sensor suites, machine learning, and leverage the benefits of edge computing. ​This project is aimed at the development of suitable system attributes and performance specifications to provide for an achievable balance of energy across the entire system.​


Future ULS for Energy Logistics - Enabling Distributed Operations

We used iterative design principles in collaboration with defense autonomy experts to build prototypes that prove logistics operations on the future battlefield are autonomous, connected, and electric.


Spectrum Camouflaged Autonomous Mobility Operations

We designed Spectrum CAMO to analyze cellular enabled technologies on a 5G network to better understand how autonomous vehicles can operate through a “host nation” cellular network.


Multi-access Edge Compute for Counter Intrusion

We designed MEC4CI to leverage 5G Networks and Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) and expedite the prototyping of AI/ML counter-intrusion systems.  Our designs are inspiring experts in the digital security and telecom industries to blend 5G’s high bandwidth/low latency with robust edge compute capabilities to synthesize more information, faster.  Ultimately, MEC4CI will demonstrate that advancements in commercial technology can enable our warfighters to offload routine, non critical tasks to digital fortress systems and focus on tasks that only humans can perform.

**Launch Forth video | “Innovation at Work: the USMC CoLab Project” | 10/22/2018
**Launch Forth video | “Inspiration for HAT2.0” | 11/14/2018
**Launch Forth video | “Looking Ahead - The Future of the Marine Corps and the CoLab” | 11/28/2018


We set out to prove that conventional means of military design and manufacturing could be disrupted and accelerated. For the Co-Lab project, we crowdsourced vehicle designs from all over the world to prototype a modular, multi-mission platform for Marines.

**Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall video | “Olli Autonomous Shuttle at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall” | 4/4/
**U.S. Marine Corps video by Sgt. Becky Cleveland | “Installation Next: A Self-Made Future” | 5/7/
**Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall video | “Olli Autonomous Shuttle at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall” | 4/4/2019 |

Autonomous Mobility Pilot

What do you get when you set the table for an autonomy expert, telecom giant, and autonomous shuttle manufacturer to brainstorm together? A brand new way of moving people and packages on DoD installations. Connected over 4G/LTE & 5G networks, autonomous shuttles operating on different coasts of the US could share in-stride data that improves operations in both locations in real time.

Programs with this stamp were designed by Brandon while in the Marine Corps.