Our Vision

DCI Next is the marketplace of ideas where aspirational vision meets future capability gaps. We stand in the void between industry experts and government entrepreneurs to build relationships that accelerate research and development for the Department of Defense.

Our mission

We are dedicated to creating strategic momentum and collaborative markets that unlock emerging technology through iterative design, co-creation, and human inspiration.

"I’m a designer. I walk around and see the world as it could be. I believe iterative design with strategic partners is the key. But design is just words. I am compelled to prove what is possible through Co-Creation and MVPs. But despite our incredible creations, I am never satisfied unless it Inspires - Teams, Ideas, and Markets."
- Brandon Newell



Brandon spent his career in the Marine Corps maneuvering against the bureaucracy to unlock emerging technology for both installations and the battlefield. His success stories are numerous and unmatched in the world of agile R&D. From 5G to Unmanned Logistics to Counter-Intrusion to Energy Resilience to Electric Vehicles and beyond, Brandon has been on the forefront of smart city technology for dual use applications.

Brandon’s track record in agile R&D is based on the Design Create Inspire Methodology he developed while in uniform. After years of results from inside the government, Brandon has launched his design firm to bring this philosophy to technology companies.



Steve Harvey served in various roles as a Marine over the course of a 24-year career. He spent time as an infantryman, administrator, and information technology manager. He deployed around the globe in support of operations multiple times. He excelled at leading technical teams to integrate commercial, dual use technologies with existing government systems, but his crowning achievement was cultivating organizations of innovation wherever he served. After he retired, Steve joined DCI Next to help design agile R&D projects laser-focused on delivering capability to the warfighter.